School Board Member
Jon H. Arguello

"After several years of protecting children, parents, and employees of my school district, I'm more dedicated than ever to continue serving the residents of Osceola and Orange Counties with the same fervor, passion, and commitment."

Patriot & Republican for State Senate

An unapologetic patriotic platform that benefits all, but first let's acknowledge ...
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Protect our Families & Values

1. Protect innocent life

2. No public funding for any entity that exposes children to sexualized content or performs chemical castration or genital mutilation on children

3. Harsh penalties for traffickers of people, drugs, and violence

Protect our State & Country

1. Expand laws that prevent the weaponization of government by bad actors

2. Deregulate industry and rely on free market forces

3. Make Citizen Ombudsmen Panels that hold bureaucrats and non-elected officials accountable

Protect our Businesses & Economy

1. Strengthen Corruption and Conflict of Interest laws for elected and public officials

2. Public Entity Procurement Audits that insures transparency and accountability

3. Unified Statewide Small Business Start Up Process that encourages small business

Adherence to the Constitution

Promote governance throughout the state that follows the express intention of the founders of this nation: The citizens' right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Vision & Beliefs

No one has fought harder for their constituents than Jon Arguello


The citizens of Osceola and Orange counties can trust Jon Arguello to serve them faithfully, honestly, and with conviction.

Jon Arguello in Afghanistan
Combat veteran who with the most decorated unit in the War on Terror

Jon Arguello spent more than 800 days in Afghanistan over two tumultuous and kinetically active tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, earning four Army Commendation Medals, one Army Achievement Medal, and a Combat Action Badge for engaging the enemy. He served with three Medal of Honor recipients, and dozens of other valor award recipients in the 173rd ABN INF Brigade.

5 kids alt crpd
Jon's five kids are his inspiration to fight for a better future

Like every middle class family, the Arguellos strive to have control over their futures. That means financially, professionally, personally, and even if it's strange to say, over their health choices. Jon's guiding principles are vested in this middle-class, hard-working, Biblically-centered family foundation. His goal to extend the opportunities to the AMERICAN dream that our founding fathers did.

Arguello on Television
Unapologetic approach to speaking out on our broken education system and lack of leadership

Jon Arguello is the only conservative school board member in Osceola County. Even with a 4-1 minority position, Arguello defeated mask mandates, exposed sexualized materials in schools, and forced the district to be more transparent, accountable, responsive to the people of Osceola county. Even in the face of vicious weaponization of district resources, Arguello fought for our familes.

Elected official who actually keeps his word and in turn the community has had his back

While others play politics, Arguello serves his community; no pretending, no posturing, and no special interests or agendas. Jon has established the most consistent and transparent record of public service in modern Osceola history, fighting against an established elite class of landowners and developers who have sapped our resources and left Osceola poorly developed and decades behind.

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