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An unapologetic, family and values-oriented, patriotic platform that benefits every Floridian ...


Protect our families and traditional American values ...

Protecting innocent life should never be a political platform and the fact that we have include it, points to the deterioration of the value of life and our society. A basic understanding that human life is paramount in value is what has held the public in primacy over the government. The observable fact that our government has lost respect for the government is directly related to society’s lack of respect for life.
As a State Senator, I will support legislation that protects life, bans public funding for any entity that exposes children to sexualized content, or any entity that performs chemical castration genital mutilation on children, and promote laws that enforce harsh penalties for traffickers of people, drugs, and violence.

Protect our state and country from all enemies, foreign or domestic ...

We have no king. The government does not rule over the people of the United States. It is subservient to the will of the people. At some point in the not so distant past, bureaucrats and politicians forgot this. It’s time to right the ship. I have no qualms or misunderstanding about whom I serve and who is in control.
As your State Senator, I will work to prevent the government from ever weaponizing itself against its people, the way we it happening in Washington, I will fight for legislation that allows for citizens to create Citizen Ombudsmen Boards which can send reports directly to the governor regarding the performance of non-elected officials, and I will sponsor legislation that strengthens anti-corruption and conflict of interest laws.

Protect small businesses and our economy ...

Small businesses are a challenge. Today, more than ever, they are being ravaged by unfair regulations, inept bureaucracies, being targeted by the IRS, and pressured to participate in woke culture in order to succeed. If small business is the backbone of our economy, it explains why adults always have back pain.
In the State Senate, I will encourage level playing fields, free trade practices, and clean governmental practices. Therefore, I will support laws that include public entity procurement audits, deregulate industry, and open up free trade and free market practices. I will also seek to create legislation to provide Florida entrepreneurs with a unified statewide small business start up process to encourage the most vibrant and diverse economy in the country.

Constitutionally sound and civically-driven representation

I’m no genius, but the founding fathers were. They wrote the second greatest series of documents, after the Bible ever, and we are all lucky to live under those principles of government.
Those who try to escape the Constitution are exactly who we need to prevent from attaining office. They believe in their ability to tell you how to live your lives better. I believe you, not only how to live your life for yourself, but also whether it’s appropriate for the government to be involved. Most importantly, I know the government exists to serve you.


A State which which understands its role is to create an environment in which all Floridians can succeed without interference, whether by government or other other entities by way of corruption, lack of transparency, or cronyism.

Making Florida the most open, transparent, and corrupt free state in the nation.
Ensuring that Florida's laws are written for the benefit of the citizens, not special interests.
A free market economy which is open, competitive, and deregulated.
An environment of service leadership where citizens have access to all all public officials .
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