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Jon was raised observing Fortune 500 executives making important decisions

One of those executives was his mother, Ethel. As a teenager, Ethel was extended the opportunity of a job as an operator at the telephone company and more than 30 years later would retire as an AT&T CFO.
At the same time he watched his father, Juan, start multiple small businesses and make the transition from hopeful immigrant to successful business owner.

Money however was never the driving factor in his parents' success, it was family and freedom. Two things in the United States taken for granted in our modern society. Jon knows very well that family and freedom are the core of why Americans revolted against a tyrannical king nearly 250 years ago and he also realizes that he, as a first generation American, is only one generation away from having been raised under a brutal dictator.

This country is more than just a border, or a government, it is the pinnacle of opportunity that everyone around the world aspires to be part of. The importance of America is not lost on Jon and that is why he fought for it in Afghanistan and that is why he will fight for it in the State Senate. Before we can make the world better however, we need to make this country great again, and that means putting our nation's, and our state's interests, and most importantly the interests of its citizens, first.


Jon is an executive and entrepreneur at heart. He is a leader who leads from the front.

Jon has sat on the advisory board for six corporations. His expertise in leadership, strategic communications, market share competition, business systems, operations and processes have been recognize by many agencies. He began his career as a writer and journalist, quickly compiling multiple writing awards.

Jon is proud to have been the first to serve his nation in the United States military, deploying twice to Afghanistan, where he received multiple awards and commendations.

Jon was elected in 202, to serve the on the Osceola County School Board where he quickly realized that the leadership was operating ineffectively, was inaccessible to the public, and contrary to expectation of the community. His effort to fix the district was met with threats, false accusations, and the weaponization of public resources just as we see on the national level.

Jon fought through it all, vindicating himself at the 1st District Court of Appeal before the Commission on Ethics where they found no probable to cause for any of the accusations.

Today, Jon continues his unapologetic approach to serving the people of Osceola County, even starting a news program named "UNsanctioned" which makes the community aware of national, state and local news. The name UNsnactioned was used after the label was used to besmirch his reputation and today he wears it with honor.


Jon graduated from Barry University School of Law with a J.D., Rollins College, Valencia Community College, and the Defense Information School

At Rollins College, he graduated Magna cum laude with a B.A. in International Affairs and was named the Outstanding International Affairs Student, received a student service award, and was the founder of Sigma Iota Rho, the international affairs honor society. At Valencia Community College, as editor of the college newspaper, he won a Pacemaker Award for Excellence at the Collegiate Press Association (College equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize), as well as several other awards. Jon was also a top three graduate at the Defense Information School in Ft. Meade, Maryland, where he graduate with an above 90% average. He is also a graduate of the Orlando Economic Partnership Political Leadership Institute.


Jon knows the importance of community and he knows how to serve

While other politicians come out of their lairs to hand out backpacks and food twice a year, Jon serves the community everyday by resolving their everyday education issues. He knows that service isn't about passing out fake giant checks representing the citizens' hard-earned tax dollars to programs that bureaucrats mismanage. Service is about doing your job as which means ensuring the public's safety while they pursue their American dream.

Among other boards and organizations, Jon has served on the:
- Board for Osceola Voices for Children (Guardian ad Litem)
- Kissimmee Firemen Pension Board
- OTECH Digital Design Advisory Board
- Diocese of Orlando Catholic School Board
- Diocese of Orlando Communications Advisory Board
- 10 years coaching little league and youth soccer
- 9th Congressional District Veteran’s Advisory Board
- United States Military Academy Nomination Board
- Multiple Florida School Board Association Committees
- Four Corners Charter School Board

Relevant accomplishments

Above all, his greatest accomplishment in serving his community is being stopped at Publix and being prayed over by his fellow citizens.

My commitment is to the people of Osceola and Orange Counties, not special interests ...

Although my track record speaks for itself, I will always be accessible to the people of Osceola and Orange counties. I will always hold the government accountable to the citizens, and I will always respect the intent of our founding fathers who knew that righteous power could only be waged by the citizens, not the powerful or elitists.

We don't have to agree on everything, but if you value honesty, transparency, and accessibility ...

then I am your choice for State Senate. You will always be able to reach me, and I will always respond to your concerns. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I will be honest, consistent, and when I give you my word, you will be able to depend on it. Through me, you will have someone on your side in the state legislature who knows who they work for.

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