January 15, 2024

Arguello doubles amount raised, lands more than a dozen high profile endorsements in Senate 25

KISSIMMEE, Fla.—Endorsements and money abound for Florida’s most conservative and outspoken school board member in his race to flip Central Florida’s Senate seat in District 25 from blue to red.

Jon Arguello, Osceola’s controversial and only Republican school board member raised nearly $20,000 in his second quarter, doubling his total, and showing another respectable report, especially since he has not taken a single contribution from political committees. The senate majority has not yet gotten involved in this opportunity which would be a disaster for Nikki Fried and other Florida Democrats holding on for life in a state which is quickly becoming a solidly red state.

Arguello could be poised to defeat the democratic minority whip in District 25. After surviving a tumultuous but productive three years on the school board Arguello has honed his skills and built his reputation among voters of the district. Victor Torres, who currently holds the district 25 State Senate seat is termed out, but his non-politically experienced wife is now running to fill the seat in a blatant attempt to maintain familial power.

Many wrote Arguello off assuming he would not survive the onslaught of attacks by the left when he openly criticized democrats for corruption in his home county. However, Arguello not only survived, but thrived, seeing many of his rivals fall victim to his questions on their corrupt activities and or lack of action. Their battles with him, including four schoolboard members and a once respected superintendent who retired after failing to answer any of the public’s questions resulting from Arguello’s prosecutorial approach when it comes to corruption and inept governance, left him largely unscathed.

“The democrats in Osceola have no message that resonates with the voters and no ability to articulate a defense of their irresponsible policies,” said Arguello. “There is no community in Osceola or South Orange which is ok with sacrificing their families, careers, personal wealth, and children to the false Gods of the radical left—namely government control over their lives and transgender ideology.”

Arguello’s unorthodox, but effective, advocacy for the conservative cause has not earned him many friends in Osceola’s political establishment, Republican or Democrat, but ignoring him has come at cost, with many grassroots conservatives seeing him as the only real Republican in the county. 

Arguello insists however that he is a team player and would make a great asset and family member to the senate majority. Further, he says he would cause tremendous disruption to the democratic stronghold in Central Florida and other left leaning areas. “I won’t trade my integrity for ambition, but I will fight like hell for my team,” said the Afghanistan War veteran. “Osceola has not had leadership worth following, but Senator Albritton and the senate majority are a team whose mission I can believe in and will contribute to.”

Arguello landed the endorsement of Republican State Representatives Carolina Amesty, Berny Jacques, and Doug Bankson, and more state legislators are rumored to be adding their names to the list soon. The Florida Republican Assemblies of Orange and Osceola have both endorsed Arguello with many expecting other Republican groups to follow soon. Other endorsements include various conservative activists ranging from journalists to election integrity and medical freedom warriors.


Arguello could be exactly what RPOF needs to finally get a foothold in what has been a solidly blue region. He has generated legitimate name identification, raised respectable money, has made his life an open book while being constantly attacked only to become stronger as a result, and all while being unapologetically conservative, promoting traditional values with a style that has transcended Republicans, diverse nonparty affiliated voters, and Hispanic Democrats alike.

Evan Power, the newly elected chairman of the GOP, would look like Gen. George Patton should the party drive Arguello to a victory in Osceola and Orange. It would also drive a wooden stake in the heart of Central Florida Dems. Now the question is whether Tallahassee insiders will work with someone who was lobbied against so fiercely by old guard Osceola politicians who didn’t appreciate Arguello’s approach or surrender the seat to the left, as he’s widely considered the only potential threat to flip the seat.

A window may have opened for Arguello after that same old guard promised a victory in HD35 and ended up squandering as much as $2 million on a red leaning seat which gave DeSantis a 22-point victory to political newcomer, Tom Keen.

“We could have won every seat in the county with that money, but not with candidates that can’t articulate an authentic conservative message while having atrocious voting records” said Arguello. “I have built a relationship with Osceola voters based on being transparent, honest, and keeping promises.”

Arguello’s primary competitor also made a statement, loaning his campaign $150,000, but it’s highly unlikely he will spend the money when it would take a majority of it just to neutralize the record Arguello has built. Rumors are that Arguello’s primary opponent is thinking about switching to the now open HD35.

“I have spent three years making good on my promises, holding corrupt politicians accountable, and earning the votes of my fellow citizens,” said Arguello. “You can’t just wake up one day and decide to buy that amount of earned goodwill. The people of Osceola already know they can depend on me. You can’t buy that.”

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